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January 23, 2017

We are all continuously raging, adopting, hating and finally failing with these diet tips that do the ’rounds’ (more than us – if we did those many rounds, we’d just be skinny by now, haha). Do we ever ask ourselves if this is something that suits our individual body?

What if you are someone who eats large portions.

What if you are someone who’s sedentary and is only relying on canteen food?

What if you’re not hungry in 2 hours?

What if you’re hungry before 2 hours?

What if you’re just dehydrated and not identifying that because you’re like following the 2 hour eating pattern and the clock has hit T?

What if? – Do we ever ask ourselves these questions? We don’t na? We just want to pick up a line from a Celebrity dietician’s website who’s sitting on a Kale salad in the West, and apply those rules to our Indian bodies. You know it doesn’t work that way.

Applying this “eating every two hour” rule is only going to work against you, if you don’t “what if” yourself.

You’re not only risking your efforts of working out and good bedtime with a diet-book that is so misguided, you’re also putting so many other things at stake – your hormones, your systematic functions etc. Guided by someone sitting miles away from you, who doesn’t know anything about your routine, your land’s super-foods and your body – is as good as misguided.

Stop being misguided. Don’t need to pick up anything even from here if it doesn’t make sense to you. But question. It only empowers you.

My observations from my interrogations on this 2 hour eating pattern:

  • The Rule works for you by keeping a sustained blood sugar level and energy throughout the day.
  • The Rule works for you if you know how to portion your meals. Main meals and mid meals – Both.
  • The Rule works for you if you’re hungry in two hours. If you’re only stuffing, wait it out. 3 hours is a good deal. Portioning your previous meal from the next day onward is worth a try.
  • If you’re hungry in 1-1.5 hours – drink water. Check your hydration levels. Confusing thirst for food is where take a ‘more than a drop’ 😉 If you’re still hungry, please begin your next meal.
  • Tea / Coffee is not a meal. Don’t keep it as one of the meals for post two hours, unless your popping nuts/ small snack with it.

Try the power of the above 5 little changes. Being more mindful about what works for your body versus being conscious about the photo-shopped girl’s image on the magazine is a better WIN!

Go on, plan your meals for tomorrow! xx