Vintage and Local Food Wisdom for your Current Day Dietary & Fitness Requirements.

Food For Thought, Fat Loss & Aiding Disorders powered by going #BackToBasics.

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“When your vegetables come from Carrot Cake, Zucchini Bread & Pumpkin Pie;
you need help“

    The 6Ps of Fat Loss.


    Everything that is off a Farm. #FarmNotPharma


    Suits even a Demonetized pocket. #KelaOverKale


    The closer your food is produced, the finer is the tone of your body, the better is the growth of your economy. #LocalIsKing


    Advertised on your plate, curated by your mom. Age old recipes look after our heritage, glow on your face and elevated energy levels.


    The Genius is in stopping at the right portion. Apply this to your Food, Beverages and Risks in the Market Place and you’re in a good spot. #ListenToYourGUT


    Just like planning for investments, you have to foresee the ROI in your fitness by planning your meals, workouts and indulgences alike. #MealPlanning